About Hillcrest

This is NOT a pornographic site but a site that is necessary to fill the needs of the well-endowed man. Be it natural, pumped or injected, WE CAN WRAP YOUR PACKAGE!

I have a line of large pouched underwear and swimwear for men. ….Look no further! I also have pouches for the “normal size” man. All items on the catalog page are available in cotton-lycra for underwear and regular lycra-spandex for swimsuits. I have many women customers that purchase sexy Hillcrest items for their man. Gift certificates available also.

I am a one-woman show. I design, pattern and sew every item you order. There is no mass construction here. I prefer to keep my business more personal, which would disappear if I hired an outside company to do my sewing for me. By paying close attention to the quality of my suits, the fabric it is made with and the elastic used, I can say that I do my best with each piece. Quality is most important to me….that and customer service.

Because I do it all myself, it may take 4-6 weeks to ship (as of 12/01/15). In most cases, it will be sooner.

For over 13 years I owned a store in the Hillcrest area of San Diego (Snow’s Erotic Apparel). My specialties were costumes for strippers, (Male and Female), fetish wear and men’s swimwear. I was the designer/seamstress for Hillcrest Swimwear when Will and Jon owned it. I bought them out in 2008 after I moved to northern Arizona.

I realize this may be a very personal subject for you but I hope you will feel free discussing anything relating to the making of your garment.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please email me. I always list my phone number in written letters to prevent spamming – (six one nine, seven three three, three six six six).

I am very direct, nothing shocks me (sorry) and I do not play games on the phone. I am more than happy to answer your questions but if I feel you are physically gratifying yourself during the phone call I will hang up.

Thanks so much for visiting with me!