Styles & Dimensions

The Pouches

Standard Pouch Styles


Large Pouch Styles. The pouches below are for custom orders only. I also do many custom patterns and would love to work with you on finding the right fit. For even larger style pouches, click here.

The Styles

I wanted to make it easier for you to figure out which pattern would fit you best. Please excuse the fact that I don’t have pictures of customers wearing some of these new styles. The pictures you will see, (If not on a model), are the actual patterns I use to make your suits, etc.

Long pouches are available now. Called the stretchers, ball hangers. Just email me with your special request.

 All pouch patterns are available with Thong, Rio, Full, or Between backs. See diagram below.

Different styles to choose from


Also available:

The  “Brazil Cut” – This style is a little larger than a thong.

Backless – The comfort of a Jock but without the additional support straps.

Jock  with Pumper Pouch Big Bear stretching pumper shorts to the limit
Jock and Pumper Shorts stretched to the limit

How your suit begins

The patterns are numbered from 1-12 (#1 being the smallest pouch and #12 being the largest). The pouches are all shaped differently… the length and the width varies for all shapes and sizes.

On each suit there will be 3/8″ elastic around the waist and around the legs. All fabrics used are stretch lycra or cotton lycra. Some fabrics differ from others in thickness and color and I can’t guarantee the exact same fabric each time you order.

If I make a suit, it will stretch 3″-4″ more around the body than the dimensions given…There is some stretch up and down for all of the fabric I use… (See diagram below) I will be referring to the 3 colors shown on the diagram…. black, orange and pink) The Pumper Pouch measures 13″ from the middle waist seam (Black)…straight down to the bottom of the pouch. Then, from the waist seam around the front seam to the bottom crotch (orange) seam it measures 26″… the pouch measures 10″ around at the pouches’ fullest part (pink). These measurements are not exact but as close as possible.

These dimensions are not exact but will give you an idea of the approximate measurements.

All pattern dimensions are based on size medium. The small size is ½ “ lower in the center front waist seam, large is ½” longer and xl is 1” longer… referring to the black line in the diagram below. This is to allow for torso length… the pouch’s overall shape stays about the same. For the larger sizes, the side width will be wider to allow for torso width.


These measurements are for your underwear size or lower waist.

Small Medium Large X-Large
26″-29″ 30″-34″ 35″-39″ 40″-44″
66cm-73.7cm 76.2cm-86.4cm 86.4cm-99.1cm 99.1cm-111.8cm

If you have any questions, please email me.