Interested in a custom piece?

A custom order is one that is NOT available for sale on the site. That includes altering an original pattern in any way. If the alteration is an easy one (my idea of easy), it probably won’t cost anything additional. Please do NOT request drastic changes to a suit you order on the site as you will be charged accordingly.

Pattern making is time consuming and my time is valuable. If you want your own custom pouch pattern made, there will be a one-time additional $25 pattern making charge above the cost of the pouch pattern you want altered to fit you. Once I make a pattern for you, it has your name on it and you must order by email or phone. This pattern is retained by myself as long as you order every three years or so. If you go over three years, the pattern will be discarded.

All ‘custom orders’ must be made by telephone or email. US callers 619-733-3666  If you are an international customer we can arrange a ‘Whatsapp’ phone call in advance by email. You must have ‘Whatsapp’ app installed on your phone. These calls are free to both parties. International order by email:

If you live in the US, you must place your custom or special order by email or phone call. I will send you a request for money through PayPal.

Please, if you place your first order from the store, receive it and decide it just needs a small tweak to the pattern for a better fit, please let me know right away. I will make note of it and your next order will be a better fit. If the item is a bit too big, you must notify me and you can return it laundered and I will alter it free of charge… small alterations only. $5 (US only) for 1-2 pieces for return shipping must be included.


Fill out this form to start your Custom Order Request: