Fabrics available on the site are in this order: cotton lycra, lycra, lace, velvet, mesh and glistenette. All fabric types are stretch but the cotton lycra and the lycra and mesh are all 4-way stretch. Some of the velvet is 4-way stretch and the glistenette, which resembles old-fashioned ladies stockings are only 2-way stretch. This should be taken into consideration when choosing your pouch size. The 2-way stretch will be a little tighter.

Place your mouse over the fabric image and it will give you the type of fabric, i.e. cotton, velvet, mesh, glistenette and regular lycra. The first set of fabrics is the ‘regular lycra’ used for swimsuits. It will simply show the style/color number when you place the mouse over the image…. It does not say ‘lycra’… or anything else.

Just scroll down to find the fabric type you are looking for and make note of the style number so you can enter it when you place your order.