These cylinders come in a variety of sizes. They are not brand new. They have been used and have been run through the dishwasher 3-4 times to sterilize them. Some would never purchase a used item of this type… some will be happy to pay less than 1/2 price of new cylinders. Some come with the gaskets/seals for a snug fit. Once these are gone there won’t be any more available.

Price list and style number are shown below.

If you are interested in purchasing a cylinder, give me the style,  name of the item and please email me  All cylinders must me paid by personal check or money order and made out to Marie Snow. I do not own these outright.  Shipping in the US only.

No returns or refunds on these items. All available are listed below…  nothing else in stock and won’t be getting any more. Sorry




Cylinders in stock as of 8-18-20


  1. G2. XPRO 8″ length 6.5″ circumference no seal

$90  cash only + $15 shipping


  1. Velseal Cylinder 9.5″ long 8.5″ circumference with seal

$100  cash only + $14 shipping 


 5. VS 300 10″ long 10.5″ circumference no seal

$80 cash only + $15 shipping


    1. VS275 9.5″ length 9.5 circumference with seal

    $125 cash only+ $15 shipping


Photo Gallery of Available Pumping Cylinders For Sale:

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