Each item is sewn by hand right here in north central Arizona, never mass produced, and is made to order.  Each seam is double or triple stitched for strength. I offer mesh and glistenette fabrics which need extra care to insure they last.  Glistenette is similar to ladies stockings and the most delicate. It is ‘imperative’ that these two fabrics are only washed by hand with mild soap and air dried. I design, pattern, cut and sew each piece. I am the only one in my company because I want to insure quality. 

All items should be washed by hand and air dried without ringing in order to keep the integrity of the elastic in the fabric. After swimming in fresh or salt water, wash by hand and hang dry.

All items in the catalog are made from Cotton Spandex and 85% nylon and Lycra Spandex. Some fabrics are more stretchy than others. Most of my fabric stretches 4 ways, which is important for fit.

If you have any questions regarding care of your garment/s,  please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Snow 619-733-3666