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Questions about any fabrics that you don’t see? Email me. All items are shipped unlined unless otherwise specified.  An extra charge of $3 will be added for lining each item. Please add your request in the ‘Special Instructions’ box on the order form and I will contact you for further instructions.

How to Order

Ordering Hillcrest Bulgewear is simple – BUT you need to be aware of some things regarding measurements. Use the guide below when making your order so you get the best fit.

  1. Before you place your order on the “Shop the Store” page, look thru the pouch “Styles and Dimensions” (see “Pouch designs #1 – #12) and select the one that fits your size package the closest. Not only does the size of the pouch get larger from #1 – #12, the shape also changes.
  2. Some need a longer pouch for larger/weighted testicles and some need a fuller pouch for a larger penis. Some pouch styles are fuller for the ‘injected’ man.
  3. If after your first order you find that you need a little length added to the pouch you previously ordered, I can alter a pattern ‘slightly’ for you for free, I keep the pattern (with your name on it) for the next time you place an order. This is now considered a ‘custom pattern’ and you will need to contact me by email or phone when you place your new order. If you have additional comments, just be sure to let me know in the “NOTES” section on the Checkout Page. Custom orders are my specialty! If you have a favorite old suit that you would love to have “remade,’ as long the suit is still in good shape, I can make a new pattern that is pretty close to the original. I charge a one-time additional $25 pattern making charge (above the cost of making the garment) All custom orders need to be placed by email or phone.
  4. Choose your fabric from “Fabrics Available;” Most of my customers order stretch Cotton Lycra for their underwear, jocks and shorts (boxer briefs) … especially in the winter. Regular lycra-spandex is used for swimwear, including shorts. Stretch Cotton Lycra fits about the same as Lycra- Spandex. Most of the Lycra-Spandex is 4-way stretch, around your body (sideways), and up vertically. Some fabrics more stretchy, thicker, or thinner than others. Keep this in mind when ordering pouch and waist size. Some of the fabrics featured on the site may not be available and you may be asked to choose a substitute.
  5. Selectfrom Thong, Brazil, Rio, Between, and Backless styles. To get an idea of the different types of styles, please take a look at the Customer Gallery. Remember –each style and cut fits everyone differently.
  6. Select your Size. This is where accuracy in your measurements dictates your fit. The chart below should be used as a basic guide in determining your lower waist size; approximately 4” below your navel.
Small Medium Large X-Large
26″-29″ 30″-34″ 35″-39″ 40″-44″
66cm-73.7cm 76.2cm-86.4cm 86.4cm-99.1cm 99.1cm-111.8cm
  1. The measurements above are more for your underwear size and not your true waist size, as underwear and swimwear do not sit high on your waist. If your measurement is at the low end of small, i.e.; 26”, or the high end- 29”, please make a note when you check out. I realize this may seem like a jumble of information but it is all important for a great shopping experience. Please email me at the time you place your order or post a note in the “NOTES” sections on the Checkout page and I will adjust the size accordingly.

Return Policy

Sorry – NO REFUNDS! In accordance with Federal Health Regulation, all swimwear, underwear, and other garments classified as “intimate apparel” are non-returnable, nor can they be exchanged. If there is a problem with workmanship, I will be happy to replace the item purchased.

Shipping- Please see “Shipping


Refund Poilicy

Sorry – NO REFUNDS! In accordance with Federal Health Regulation, all swimwear, underwear, and other garments classified as “intimate apparel” are non-returnable, nor can they be exchanged.


At this time we are accepting PayPal, checks (US only), money orders, cash (with prior arrangement only)


Sorry, In accordance with Federal Health Regulation, all swimwear, underwear, and other garments classified as ‘intimate apparel’ are non-returnable, nor can they be exchanged. However, if there is a problem with workmanship and quality, we can work something out.

Custom Orders

A custom order is one that is NOT available for sale on the site. That includes altering an original pattern in any way. If the alteration is an easy one, (my idea of easy), you may not be charged anything additional. Please do NOT request drastic changes to your order unless we communicate in an email or by phone.

I am able to recreate an old favorite suit if you send me the sample. I am able to get very close to the original, if the sample is in good shape only.


Pattern making is time-consuming and my time, like yours is valuable. If you wish to have your own custom pattern made, there will be a one-time additional charge of $25 above the cost of the pattern/pouch size chosen. For example, you purchased a Pumper thong but the pouch isn’t quite large enough, I can make that adjustment in size with a new pattern. This pattern will have your name on it and each time you order that custom pattern, your order will need to be made by email or phone call. I will hold this pattern for you for up to 3 years. If no order is made for 3 years, your pattern will be discarded.

If the pouch is too large, the item may be sent back to me laundered and I can alter it free of charge. Return shipping must be paid.



Hillcrest is not responsible for lost or missing packages shipped overseas at this time. 


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